Sample Analysis

Total Sulfur Analysis

  • In diesel and gasoline according to ASTM D5453 
  • In LPG and gases according to ASTM D6667

Detailed Sulfur Analysis

  • In gasoline, diesel and other liquid hydrocarbon matrices 
  • In LPG and gases

Organic Nitrogen Analysis in LPG

Methanol Analysis in Natural Gas

Oxygenate Analysis in LPG Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis 

  • In gasoline, reformulated gasoline and other liquid hydrocarbon matrices 
  • Solvent purity 
  • In LPG and gases

GC‐MS Analysis 

  • Solvent impurities identification 
  • Almost any hydrocarbon matrix 
  • Special samples

Method Development

Let us assist you with the cumbersome method development process!  Our significant expertise in this arena has equipped us with the ability to guide you through the complete process.  Face your next project with anticipation knowing that we will be there to assist you.  

Analytical and Specialty Services

  • Audit standards and round robin standards
  • School of Chromatography
  • Method development and sample analysis

analytical services and method development


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Analytical Services

Audit Standards and Round Robin Standards

Audit and Round Robin standards can be prepared according to customer specifications for use in facility auditing, custody transfer points, and customer and vendor facility auditing.  All records remain confidential.

Round Robin Programs

Custom Round Robin programs can be designed to meet your specific needs. From calibration standards to managing the entire program, our experts can assist with your needs, and all records remain confidential.

Specialty Analytical Services

Specialized lab services are offered to assist those who require offsite analyses. We ensure our clients receive on‐time assistance, top‐of‐the‐line products, and detailed analysis.

School of Chromatography

The DCG School of Chromatography features hands‐on training where students can determine their particular areas of need and receive hands‐on training in these areas in an actual laboratory setting by chemists.