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DCG Partnership I, LTD. is a premier global manufacturer of certified reference materials for the hydrocarbon, natural gas, refining, and biofuels industries.

By providing you with certified reference materials for gases and liquids for the hydrocarbon, natural gas, refining, and biofuels industries, we take pride in being a dependable source of high quality products, technical expertise, training, and support for confident compliance with analytical and regulated methods, such as those required by the ASTM, GPA, and ISO regulatory agencies.

Celebrating recent ISO 17025 and ISO GUIDE 34 Accreditation and providing over 25 years of quality service and comprehensive product offerings,  Houston-based DCG Partnership I, LTD. is an international leader in gas and liquid standards for the hydrocarbon, natural gas, refining, and biofuels industries.

Because precision-based calibration of analytic instruments is imperative in today’s market, pride is taken along every step of the certified reference material manufacturing process, from the  raw product to the meticulous blending of the gases or liquids, to the complete final analysis and certification.

Our highly qualified chemists custom‐ blend standards that are quality checked and guaranteed for accuracy and precision to meet stringent requirements.


Certified Reference Materials

  • Liquid and Gas Calibration Standards
  • GC and GC-MS
  • Trace Elemental & Combustion
  • ED-XRF

Regulators, Gas Handling Equipment, and Accessories

  • Brass or stainless steel regulators
  • Switchover manifolds
  • Cylinders and heated cylinder blankets

Analytical and Educational Services

  • Audit standards and round robin standards
  • School of Chromatography
  • Method development and sample analysis

Premier global manufacturer of certified reference materials


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confidence in detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA)

In a range of petroleum products such as crude oils, feedstock and fuels Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) is performed to provide crucial information on the molecular composition of the products. The crucial factor for accurate analysis is the calibration, which requires high quality certified reference materials. Find out more about our product offerings specifically for DHA analysis.