Every effort has been made to make the highest quality standard possible, from the highest quality raw materials to the experienced chemists performing the blending and analysis. This attention to detail is why DCG is The Premier Manufacturer of Calibration Standards and Reference Materials.

Why choose DCG?

DCG stands apart from the competition because we have taken the time to define our Primary Reference Standards and to make a point to address every source of uncertainty in that definition.

Committed to Quality

When we look at our customer base over the last 20 years, and we envision the future of where DCG is headed, the answer is simple.  DCG began with the notion of quality for those that value nothing but the finest and best in calibration standards and products.  We still hold that opinion today.

"I have been more than satisfied with DCG's eagerness to troubleshoot our issues and ability to repair our problems. Our nitrogen seems to be working better than it has in a very long time. Calibration looks extremely good and check standards are coming out great! Thanks again for all of your efforts!"


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